Saturday, May 3, 2014


Yes, believe it or not, I said, FU, knee, I'm going for a run.  This was my first run since November.  I'd noticed improvements in my knee and decided I'd trot around for a bit.  I'd had pain directly on my kneecap when I'd crawl around on it or kneeling on it.  That stopped about two months ago.  I was, and am, still having pain in my knee.  There's no rhyme or reason, it just starts to hurt.
 So, I donned my socks
 Got on my shorts
 and shirt
and my running shoes

and headed out the door for 18 minutes of walking and running.  

I walked 2 minutes, then ran 2 minutes.  I alternated until I hit a 2 minute walk for a cool down.  Overall I think I did about 1.3 miles or something like that.  I couldn't find my trusty garmin, so I wore my back-up Soleus.  I wasn't worried about watching my pace or anything, I really wanted it to time my intervals.  And, I figured if I had any pain while I ran, I'd hit the lap button when it started and when it ended to check for any consistent pain times.  

Thankfully, I had NO pain in my knee during or after the run.  Nor did I have any pain at all the next day.  So, will I run more?  Sure!  But it's been a week since this run and I still haven't gone again.  Thankfully my dad is finally out of the hospital after an almost 3 week stay, and I've been sleeping better thanks to melatonin.  I still wake up during the night, but not for as long or as often.  My wife's been sleeping better as well and that's been a big part.  The pain in her arm hasn't been waking her (and I) up as much at all.  Plus, we've been kicking our cat out.  He's a snuggler and likes to lay on injured parts.  So, to get to Jane's arm, he'd walk over me and that't wake me up, too.  Plus, when he wants to lay on my chest, I'd wake up as well.  

It'd been 6 weeks of waking up multiple times a night because of this and to fetch ice or pain killers, that it's become a habit that I really need to break.  I've gone back to eating out of boredom and as a stress release.  My weight is still, somehow, below 165, but with the lack of exercise, my 32's don't really fit anymore and the 33's are feeling a bit less than 'just right'...

I'll get back at it (exercise regularly, not just running) and drop that extra eating now that my dad's home and Jane's slowly mending.

Have a great run!


  1. So glad to hear you are getting back out there. It is so much harder coming back than I remembered but I know it is worth the effort.

    1. Thanks Ann!! It was worth it. I just need to repeat :)