Thursday, May 15, 2014


We had the most delicious dinner tonight!
Veggie quesadillas...
Green pepper and green and yellow zucchini all chopped up

Arugula and spinach

mixed with raspberry merlot dressing

How the hell did that get in there...

Put on a tortilla, cover, cook

Flip and try not to lose too much...
From there, it's eat up!  My wife, kids and friends all added mozzarella to theirs.  I may look for a vegan cheese (soy or rice based) to help everything stick together better.  Mine fell apart easily and I basically had to put it back together by the forkful.  Overall, it was a HUGE success!


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    1. Better late than never :) Yes, it really was!! We've had them a couple times and they are great! Also? I found a vegan "cheese" that is divine